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Lisa is a tireless champion and advocate for citizen services, within  MAXIMUS, across industry and government. Her leadership and dedication has made an impact within MAXIMUS Federal and the citizens that they serve. By instituting a citizen-centric approach that leverages leading technology tools and applies innovative process improvement, she and her team have won work in new citizen service programs in health reform, services to veterans, relief to disaster victims, support to students around financial aid and many other initiatives to help government serve citizens.


Lisa was part of the small industry and government team that helped advise the Veterans Administration (VA) on the foundation for the new Veteran Experience  Office (VEO). She was also an early member of the Citizen Experience (CX) Community of Interest that drove government and industry collaboration and is active within many leading industry and government organizations, using these platforms to help bring  attention to the importance of improving citizen experience and achieving better outcomes for citizens.


Because of her leadership, expertise and passion for citizen service, Lisa is frequently sought as a speaker and contributor.  In 2015, she was the industry chair for the first industry CX Summit, along with Tom Allin, the first lead for the VEO who served as the government chair. She was also on the planning committee for the second industry CX Summit, featuring leaders from VA and Federal Student Aid (FSA).  In 2017, Lisa was asked to serve on the Board of AFCEA Bethesda to lead their Innovation and Technology track. In March 2017, she chaired the AFCEA inaugural event for this effort, entitled Innovation in Technology – Delivering Better Government Services to Customers, that brought together citizen engagement leaders from both government and industry to share ideas for the future.


At MAXIMUS Federal, she is responsible for driving innovation and market growth across the Company’s citizen-facing new business opportunities.  Under Lisa’s leadership, MAXIMUS Federal was recognized by Gartner as ”a disruptor” in the Federal market for bringing broader awareness to the importance of improving citizen service and was one of six companies named for changing the Federal landscape.  Under Lisa’s leadership, she led the formation of strategic partnerships with technology leaders and companies that develop innovative solutions for improving the customer experience in commercial markets, and then leveraged these relationships, from digital platforms to Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Intelligent Assistants and Robotic Process Automation, to continue to meet the needs of our agencies looking to deliver better and more efficient services to citizens.


All of these efforts have led to increased visibility and improvements in the way government is collaborating with industry to deliver better citizen service and a better citizen experience.





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