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Founder and CEO



I promise to leverage my passion, network and resources to help government agencies improve the way they deliver services to the public.

Martha spent almost 34 years at the US General Services Administration where she gained experience in acquisition, technical and program management, digital government and customer or citizen experience.  Martha led many government organizations that built and delivered agency and citizen-facing programs to deliver digital services anytime, anywhere on any device.  Just prior to retiring from the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), she leveraged her customer-focused expertise to the GSA Federal Acquisition Service’s Office of Strategic Programs where she brought a customer-centric lens to the services and acquisitions they award.

Martha leverages her passion for improving the citizens’ experience when interacting, engaging and transacting with the government through her work with government and industry and by creating programs to overcome the barriers to the government’s adoption of customer experience in the past. To ensure that the champions of change in improving government services were recognized and honored, she founded the Service to the Citizen Awards Program in 2018. In three years, the STTC program has recognized almost 300 government officials and their industry partners. This award is intended to honor those unsung heroes who improve the lives of citizens through improved government services. In addition, she shares best practices with all levels of government and around the world through the Citizen Services Newsletter, customized customer experience (CX) and digital services roundtables and workshops, and by hosting The CX Tipping Point Podcast.
Martha served in the Federal Acquisition Service’s IT programs and government-wide contracts, in the Office of Citizen Service and Innovative Technology (now the Federal Technology Services’) and the Office of Governmentwide Policy in a multitude of citizen and agency-facing programs, innovation and digital government programs, platforms and communities to drive the transformation to a 21st century digital government and intergovernmentally with state, local and international governments.
Martha has been a driving force for the improvement of government services provided to the public for decades. Programs such as FedRamp and were developed to create a more open, secure, efficient and customer-centric government. For over a decade, she led the Federal
government’s direct service to the public through the website and contact center among other websites and services. The Office of Citizen Services created communities of practice (CoPs) consisting of thousands of people across the government, shared services such as DigitalGov Search and the Digital Analytics Program (DAP) that built capabilities within agencies to deliver digital services. Driving the adoption of emerging technologies such as cloud and social media to improve the citizens’ experience were also important enablers to federal agencies.
Martha evangelized customer experience within GSA and across government.  She advocated for the creation of the GSA Chief Customer Office and participated in its creation and early efforts.  She was an advisor to the Cross Agency Priority (CAP) goal on Customer Service from its creation through its first phase.  In addition, she drove the adoption of customer experience as a priority area for ACT-IAC and served as the first government co-chair. She created a CX team for the Professional Services Council (PSC) Visions Marketplace as well. She served as the government and industry co-chair of the ACT-IAC Community of Interest (CoI) for over five years.
Martha has been active in the information technology community for over 40 years. She has served as the Chair of the American Council for Technology (ACT) and numerous positions with the International Council for IT in Government Administration (ICA). Martha’s efforts have been
recognized through:


  •  Federal 100 awards in 2004, 2006, 2008, and 2011

  • Government Computer News Civilian Executive of the Year 2009

  • Presidential Rank Award 2009

  • ICA Distinguished Service Award

  • Presidential Award for Management Excellence for USA Services

  • Sammie Finalist for Citizen Services 2012

  • Administrator’s Meritorious Service Award 2015

  • Franke Award from ACT-IAC 2015

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