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$500 Million IT Modernization Bill Passes House

Another step closer to giving agencies the flexibility they need to modernize technology to provide citizens with a 21st century digital experience with government.

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Federal Agency Customer Experience Act of 2017

Understanding the expectation and experience that citizens are having with government services is critical to making improvements. For too long, its been difficult to collect feedback because of the Paperwork Reduction Act. This legislation goes a long way to providing government with the ability to collect that feedback.

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Delivering Results for the American People

Today, the Administration is releasing the first quarter update of its Cross-Agency Priority goals and announcing the establishment of the Core Federal Services Council.

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Martha Dorris: What state-of-the-art customer service looks like

The new Core Federal Services Council was set up to ensure customer service provided by federal agencies continues to improve. Martha Dorris, of Dorris Consulting International and former General Services Administration executive, joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin to talk about state-of-the-art customer service.

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Seven Steps to Becoming a CX Leader in Government

We are in the midst of a customer revolution, where consumers quickly broadcast their opinions and frustrations far and wide, and expect not just a response for their efforts, but also results. For government agencies, that can be a problem, of course, but also an opportunity.

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