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Director of Marketing & Communications

Alex Yerkes is a seasoned events manager with over 10 years managing events ranging from international working meetings, international summits for over 1,000 attendees, to customized, one-of-a-kind roundtables of government and industry officials brought together to solve complex government problems. 

Alex began as an Events Coordinator at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) where she coordinated meetings, conferences, and receptions.   She was then promoted to an Events Manager, where she oversaw other event coordinators and planned large-scale, internal and external events for all staff and executives within the IMF.  She also supported the IMF’s annual holiday party and the bi-annual Global Meetings in the US and abroad.  She specifically supported the Global Meeting in Lima, Peru in the fall of 2015 onsite.   She regularly planned meetings and receptions that were attended by the Managing Director of the IMF and her senior executives.

In May 2017, Alex transitioned to Dorris Consulting International (DCI) as the Director of Marketing and Communications.  Alex is responsible for all aspects of DCI’s events and marketing.  She oversees the back-end operations of DCI as well as the website and social media presence on Twitter and Facebook.  She is responsible for all event operations, including site selection, event budgeting & tracking, design of the event materials, vendor selection & management, website design & management and onsite management & logistics.  

For the Service to the Citizen Awards Program in May 2018, DCI recognized the accomplishments of over 80+ government officials.   For this event, she negotiated the contract and served as the ongoing single point of contact for all aspects of the event with the venue including audio visual, catering, and facilities to ensure a successful event.  In addition, she was responsible for managing the interactions with all award recipients to receive photos and bios and ensure that they were aware of the logistics of the event.  She designed the actual award, oversaw the design and printing of the Award Program, Step and Repeat Banner, and Sponsor Posters.  She ensured that the updated content describing the award recipients achievements were updated on the website and highlighted in the monthly Citizen Services Newsletter.   Alex designed the set up the Eventbrite registration system to allow DCI to accept credit cards.

Alex is responsible for the monthly publication of the Citizen Services Newsletter where she helps to identify content, designs the layout, and selects and edits visually pleasing graphics and photos to bring the stories to life.  The Citizen Services Newsletter identifies strategies and best practices in an ever changing world.  She manages the 30,000 plus contact list of information technology, digital services and customer experience professionals in the US and around the world to ensure that it is kept updated.


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